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I Am Alive

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One year after a worldwide cataclysmic event that wiped out most of the human race, a man struggles for survival in a desolate city as he tries to reunite with his long lost family. In this post-apocalyptic tale, there are no supernatural threats, just an everyman who faces a decaying and hazardous world and humanity’s darkest inclinations. Will you hang on to your humanity and help strangers or are you ready to sacrifice others in order to survive?


Immersive and Treacherous

Explore the destroyed, crumbling city across different atmospheric levels, climbing your way to safety. The environments tell the story of the world as it stood before and what has happened since.

Unpredictable Encounters

Survivors will adopt different behaviors and adapt to your actions. Will you go out of your way and sacrifice your few precious resources to help those in need?

Intimidation-Based Combat

Combat is deadly and ammo is scarce. Players will have to use deception to deal with enemies. Cowards may bow down fast to the threat of an empty gun, but aggressive enemies will put you to the test.

Stamina and Resource Management

Every effort has its cost. Manage your own vital signs and look for resources to survive.

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